Decorative Concrete Pittsburgh

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Beautify Your Home or Business with Decorative Concrete

Concrete is used as material for many residences and business.  Why not make it a beautiful?
  • Stamping and Texturing such as rock,stone textures, wood-grain patterns, stamps or customized stencils
  • Overlays and Coatings including: dyes, stains, and coatings to overlay material; and metallic, epoxy coatings urethane coatings.
Decorative Concrete PGH, the decorative division of Concrete Repair Specialists is located just north of Pittsburgh and we serve the Western Pennsylvania area and Ohio. To learn more about how you can use decorative concrete in your business or home, contact us today.
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Improve Appearances with Decorative Concrete Boulders

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Concrete Repair Specialists is located in Freedom, Pa, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh.