Overlays, Dyes and Stains

Color and coat concrete, aka give it an “overlays”, is an easy way to enhance the beauty of the concrete elements of your home or business.  Modern technology provides opportunities to give concrete a stunning array of colors and finishes.  These concrete coatings allow concrete be a part of the design or it’s signature element.

The three primary ways to add color to concrete include:

  • Concrete dyes
  • Concrete stains
  • Epoxy Coatings

Concrete Dyes

There 2 different types of dyes that can be used to enhance the beauty of concrete.

  • some are mixed with wet concrete
  • sprinkled by hand on top of freshly placed concrete.

The second type of cement dyes are then worked in to the cement to form a hard-colored concrete “skin” on the cement’s surface. Colored concrete overlays can be stamped, textured or imprinted to enhance its beauty. The image to the right shows a sample of the wide variety of cement dye colors available today.

We can also add color to decorate existing textured concrete features.  Such a decorative cement treatment can improve or freshen any existing concrete surface.

Concrete Stains

Acid Reactive Stains are a blend of naturally occurring mineral salts and acids that react with the existing chemicals in concrete to achieve a mottled, more “natural stone” look.  These stains can even be used to resemble marble or brighter colours such as the samples shown here. These stains, which create a luxurious look at a much lower cost will not chip or fade with time.  Each installation is as unique as a fingerprint. Acid reactive stains can be used for a wide variety of flat and vertical cement including:

  • exterior hardscapes
  • artificial rock formations
  • interior floors
  • walls
  • statues

Epoxy Coatings

While epoxy coatings may look exotic, they are just another form of concrete overlay or coating.  Learn more about them by visiting our pages about Epoxy Coatings or concrete floors.

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Concrete overlay using Miracote to create a slate look
Concrete overlay using Miracote to create a slate look
Metallic overlay on church basement floor.
Examples for concrete color stains. Click to enlarge.
Miracote Stain on porch floor
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