Concrete Floors

Decorative concrete floors are increasingly popular since they provide a modern, easy to care for surface AND they can be beautiful as well as durable.  The range of concrete epoxies, polyapartic coatings, and dyes/stains make it possible to create beautifully designed, seamless concrete floor that can be used inside (garages, entry ways, basements, etc) or outside to beautify a residence or business property.

Pros of Concrete Floors

Easy to maintain.  Epoxy floors are easy to clean, all you need is a broom or mop to clear off dirt and spills.  To keep a concrete floor looking beautiful seal or wax it every 3-9 months.

Design Options.   Concrete floors can be stained, polished, coated with densifiers, or covered with metallic epoxy overlayments, aka microtoppings.  Additives to floor coatings can be used full broadcast or randomly. Any of these concrete floor finishings give concrete floors color and character and will turn a concrete floor into a show piece. For example, the creative use of metallic seamless overlays can create unique cement floors as shown in the picture of a blue, swirled floor to the left.

Heated Floor.   When installing a new concrete you can add electrical cables or water pipes to provide floors with radiant heat.

Durability.  Concrete or cement floors are very hard so they withstand traffic and weight very well.  Regular wear things like shoes or pet claws won’t harm concrete flooring.

Concrete Floor Cons

Moisture. Is a major issue in the concrete industry if there is moisture migrating under concrete it can cause issues with freeze thaw and if a coating or paint is installed on a concrete surface

Cracking.   Concrete may crack, even if professionally installed due to temperature changes, settling, and water migration.   Colored overlays can help hide minor concrete cracking on structurally sound concrete.

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Decorative and durable garage concrete floors
Views of 3 Season room with concrete floor designed to look like slate.
Blue swirled Floor with metallic flecks
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