Interior Design

While many people think of concrete as a design option for outdoor living, have you considered how concrete can be used inside your home or business?  Decorative concrete can be used for interior design on both vertical and flat surfaces. The possibilities are nearly endless since a decorative concrete finish can be applied to a variety of concrete structures including:

  • floors
  • bathrooms, including shower stalls
  • fireplaces
  • accent walls
  • wine cellars
  • man caves

Using concrete on common elements of a building’s interior design will turn those elements into focal points because the range of colors and textures available is amazing. Whether you select a simple stain or a chic metallic overlay; the work we complete will complement any design style.  Did you know that decorative concrete is also a less expensive way to add brick or stone elements into your decor?

A great example of adding concrete to your home or business is concrete floors.  Decorative concrete floors provide an easy to care for surface AND they are beautiful and durable.  The range of concrete epoxy coatings and dyes/stains make it possible to create beautifully designed, seamless concrete floor in areas including

  • garages
  • entry ways
  • basements

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Wine cellar
Vertical Concrete design
Changing the look of a old fireplace with “stone work” done with decorative concrete
Decorative concrete shower stall designed to resemble rock
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