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With recent concerns about travel and large group gatherings many people are seeking to make their property a personal oasis with outdoor living enhancements. Business owners are looking to provide places for customers to meet outside too. Decorative concrete can provide an elegant, cost effective way to beautify the outdoor spaces at any location. Decorative concrete is also less expensive than using brick or natural stone.Have you considered adding new decorative concrete to make your outdoor spaces more appealing?  Decorative concrete can be used to create landscape elements such as

  • pool enhancements like grottos, slides, or waterfalls
  • retaining or boundary walls
  • rustic finishes for man caves
  • decorative patios with naturalist finishes
  • decorative boulders, columns, tree stumps
  • outdoor kitchens
  • columns or fountains
  • mailbox enclosures
  • patios with many of these elements combined

If you have existing concrete elements that need to be refreshed, a thin layer of concrete can often be applied over existing structures or such as walls or steps to refresh your house or business’s appearance. Whether building new or updating existing spaces, the stylistic options are endless because just like flat concrete, vertical concrete can be:

  • covered with a stamped or styled freehand overlay
  • colored, stained, or overlayed with epoxy finishes

making it look like any variety of natural materials such as wood or stone.   In addition to achieving the style you seek, we can customize your vertical concrete application so it is unique to your home or business.

Western Pennsylvania is becoming more aware of the range of options for concrete repair and decorative innovation.   A great example of the use of decorative concrete is to beautify retaining walls. A retaining walls styled with stone artisan design coatings are faster, less expensive, and freeze thaw resistant.   In addition, if future damage occurs,  you don’t spend time and money trying to match old and new stones.

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Patio designed to look like colored slate.

Hand-sculpted concrete steps

Pool with dyed, stamped concrete

Patios for Patriots, Group project.

Team-build water feature under construction. Click to see completed feature.

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