Epoxy Coatings

While epoxy coatings may look exotic, they are just another form of concrete overlay or coating.  Using different tools and application techniques you can create just about any decorative look you want or can imagine.   These concrete coatings can provide a very contemporary look for both residential or commercial surfaces with the variety of color and finish options available.  Consider using a concrete coating as a statement or focal point in your next project.  There are three kinds of epoxy finishes available

  • Metallic
  • Garage Floor
  • Terrazo

Metallic Epoxy Overlays

These concrete finishes, aka liquid metallic floors, allow you to mimic the look of popular finishes such as copper, bronze, silver, nickel, and other metallic finishes or “patinas.  These epoxy coatings achieve this look using either powdered metal or reflective pigments. They can create stunning, modern, upscale floors in commercial settings such as restaurants, shops, offices and other non-residential facilities.

Garage floor coatings

Increasingly popular in upscale homes and automotive facilities are special epoxy floor coating systems specifically for garage floors.  Epoxy floors not only make the floors attractive, these concrete coatings provide these floors with wear- and chemical-resistant surface. Epoxy garage coatings come in a wide variety of colors and can be accented with quartz or multi-colored chips to provide a look similar to granite or terrazzo.

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Examples of the colors available for concrete design
Slate look for porch entry way.
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