Concrete Countertop Resurfacing

A concrete countertop is both strong and beautiful.  Because they are hard, concrete countertops naturally resists scratches and chipping and they are heat resistant as long as they are properly sealed with epoxy.   Like many specialized surfaces they do need to be properly maintained.

Is it time to resurface or seal your concrete counter with epoxy due

  • to regular wear and tear
  • excessive stains
  • change in your decor?

At Decorative Concrete PGH we will help you fall in love with your counters again with our concrete countertop resurfacing service. An epoxy coating on your existing concrete countertop can serve a variety of purposes

  1. reseal the countertop against stains
  2. continued heat protection
  3. update the look of your kitchen by changing the color and/or style
  4. hide minor damage to the counter surface

While there are gutsy DIYers who try to reseal/surface their own countertops with epoxy, it isn’t as easy as it looks and a concrete countertop is an investment worth maintaining correctly.   Our trained professionals avoid the common mistakes associated with wrong temperature, inadequate mixing, poor surface preparation, not having the right amount of epoxy or ration of ingredients.

Let us make your concrete countertop beautiful with an epoxy coating.


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