Residential Concrete

Outdoor kitchen with enclosed grill and countertops.  Photo courtesy of Phil Waesche.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete is used as material for many elements of your residential property.  Why not make it a beautiful?  Decorative treatments can be applied to many common structural and landscaping elements including:

  • Outdoor fireplace in vertical, decorative concrete. Photo courtesy of Phil Waesche.


  • outdoor kitchens
  • mailbox enclosures
  • house markers
  • basement floors
  • garage floors
  • sidewalks
  • porch floors
  • walls
  • patios
  • front steps

Terraced front lawn with decorative concrete retaining walls.

There are two primary ways we can beautify concrete:

  • Stamped overlays  to provide textures or designs that resemble rock, stone, wood-grain patterns, grout joints, or customized stencils
  • Adding color.  By using: concrete dyes and stains and epoxy coatings concrete can be colored in just about any color imaginable.

Concrete Repair

Early attention to concrete damage may permit aesthetic repair or overlayment options, such as those described above.  If home owners don’t have the correct repairs or maintenance done quickly concrete driveways, sidewalks, walls or chimneys may need to be completely replaced. We complete repair work on many residential concrete elements such as

  • Decorative Concrete finish being applied to a home’s entryway

    Driveways and sidewalks

  • walls
  • Sewers
  • foundations cracks and leaks
  • old to new wall intersections for new additions

Decorative Concrete PGH is located just north of Pittsburgh and we serve the Western Pennsylvania area and Ohio. To learn more about how you can use decorative concrete in your business or home, contact us today.