Vertical Concrete is Versatilve & Decorative

Bruce at a multi-day hardscape team project by Concrete Revolution’s Keefe Duhon, Beyond Vertical’s Joshua Russel, and Michigan Shot Creek. Click to see completed water feature

Have you ever considered using decorative concrete instead of stone?  This incredible versatile, and lasting innovation is becoming increasingly popular in Western Pennsylvania.  Now trending in Pittsburgh, decorative, vertical concrete has been popular in other parts of the country for more than a decade. Decorative vertical concrete refers to:

  • The addition of thin coatings of concrete to walls or other vertical surfaces
  • the creation of structures made of concrete
vertical concrete: retaining wall

Vertical beauty: decorative concrete retaining wall designed to look like natural stone.

Decorative concrete work can be a creative way to achieve the decorative goals style you seek without the cost of using natural stone and can be used as elements either inside or outside.  A thin layer of concrete can often be applied over existing structures or such as

  • fireplaces
  • walls
  • steps

Outdoor Kitchen, photo courtesy of Phil Waesche

or used to create new structures such as:

  • outdoor kitchens
  • columns
  • fountains
  • decorative boulders
  • mailbox enclosures or posts
  • retaining walls

Furthermore, the stylistic options are endless because just like flat concrete, vertical concrete can be:

  • covered with a stamped or styled freehand overlay
  • colored, stained, or overlayed with epoxy finishes
Vertical concrete: mailbox

Vertical Concrete example: mailbox enclosure

to look like any variety of natural materials such as wood or stone or chic modern metallics.  In addition to achieving the style you seek, we can customize your vertical concrete application to be unique to your home or business.

Western Pennsylvania is becoming more aware of the range of options for concrete repair and decorative innovation.   A great example of the use of decorative concrete is to beautify retaining walls. A retaining walls styled with stone artisan design coatings are faster, less expensive, and freeze thaw resistant.   In addition, if future damage occurs,  you don’t spend time and money trying to match old and new stones.

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